Research & Development

Innovative product development at NIRBHAY RASAYAN is meticulously linked to the current and future needs of our customers. In that framework, we see our innovations not only as the essential qualification for the long-term business success of our company, but also as a pivotal factor in our successful entry into new markets. The company is well equipped with modern analytical instruments and technical team to carry out detailed analysis at every stage of production and finally in different applications to fulfill our customers, need in totality. NIRBHAY RASAYAN has put in maximum efforts in maintaining highest standards of quality through a well-equipped R&D lab managed by qualified and experienced technicians.

Quality Controls

NIRBHAY RASAYAN has a responsibility to satisfy their customers with the excellent quality of products & services. For the purpose of optimization and quality assurance NIRBHAY RASAYAN is instantly integrating the most progressive and highest quality technologies and production methods in to work processes. During every stage of production in process tests are carried out to yield the right quality of final product. This is to prevent formation of prohibited impurities. The range of our products meet not only the stringent quality requirements of customers. All quality-testing procedures are well documented and practiced strictly as proven by total customer satisfaction.

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