VCHROME Anti Corrosive Pigments

Anticorrosive pigments containing lead have already been used for corrosion inhibition for a long time. The anticorrosion action of these pigments is based on certain amount of water soluble chromate which migrate to the metal surface to initiate and sustain the formation of passive layers. Which is the basis for anticorrosive effect of chromate containing pigments. The particle shape and size, particle size distribution and dispersibility of the pigment have to be adjusted to achieve optimal corrosion inhibition. Zinc Chromate, Strontium Chromate & Barium Chromate are most effective anticorrosive for application in aircraft and coil coating primers. The objective of the pigmentation in all cases is to prevent the contact of water, oxygen and other corrosion supporting components. (Ions from salt, acids and hydroxides) with the metal surface to be protected.

Product Quality

  • Good dispersion
  • Good Physical, electrical and electrochemical properties
  • Good pH stability
  • Very High Itch resistance
  • Good long-lasting effect to prevent corrosion of substrate

Product Application

  • The products are used as a Corrosion Resistance Metal
    Primers for Industrial & Automotive Finishes,
  • Coil Coating,
  • Epoxy Primers,
  • Marine Paint System,
  • Under Coat System
  • Construction Paint for Ferrous & Nonferrous Metal.